Modern Driver's Education

Driver’s Education is rite-of-passage for teenagers that makes everyone happiest when it is over. But Karen’s Driving School made the process as easy and painless as it could be. They worked hard to schedule around our son’s busy school and sports schedule, and even helped scheduling the drivers examination.
— Diane Taylor

At Karen’s We… 

  • Provide weekend classes so there is minimal interference with school.

  • Offer fast efficient service with 5-Day sessions.

  • Provide door-to-door pick-up and drop-off for driving lessons.

  • Excel with a 98% pass rate first time on road tests.

  • Offer private shuttle to and from classroom sessions.

  • Advertise and post our prices!

  • Care about your finances. We are $70 less for our package prices and $35 less for road test sponsor compared to our competitor. Our goal is to keep prices affordable not to create a monopoly in order to raise prices.

  • Are educated. Karen has 23 years experience in the Driver Ed field, 24 years public school teacher and a Masters in Education.

  • Cover all the learning intelligences by teaching each class at least two different ways so every learning style is met.

  • Feature paid speakers, fieldtrips and hands-on activities.

  • Hire only the best teachers who are patient, kind, and teaching comes natural to them.

  • Experienced. We have provided our services to Hoosac, BART, McCann, Drury and Mt. Greylock for 13 years.

“I respect teenagers and have developed creative ways of teaching my driving students to become more confident in themselves as new drivers. They will get everything they need in a creative, fun and caring environment.”
— Karen Scholz

Karen has been a certified Driver's Ed instructor for over twenty two years. She has her Master's in Education and has been a public school teacher for twenty Three years.