Testimonials — See what our students are saying!

The speakers were very informative and I learned a lot.
— Audrey J.
I completely benefitted from this course. This course taught me a lot of new material and information.
— Megan
The intensive works well because, while the days are long and I lose time from vacation, it is very helpful to get Drivers Ed over with and not have to deal with homework, sports, and school and the same time. I also learned a lot.
— Melissa S.
I will feel more confident on the road and now I know what to expect if I break the law.
— Anya S.
This is the best Driving School in the Berkshires!
What did you like the most about the class?
”Air bags, speakers, and obv Karen!”
Would you recommend this course to a friend?
”Hell Yes!
— Derik K.
I learned to be careful and how to react in situations when driving. Now I’m not as afraid to drive.
Jess + Gayle = Powerful Story
— Audrey J.
I wouldn’t change anything about this course. I thought this course was very informative and interesting.
— Megan S.
I feel that I had seen all of the things we talked about in class, but before class had never known what they meant. I feel really prepared to start driving.
I got to interact with a lot of people I didn’t know
— Courtney C.
I liked all the interactive activities.
— Megan S.
You’re done in a small period of time with perfect results.
— Mariza S.
Karen’s School of Driving made getting my drivers license easier than expected. I was able to learn valuable driving skills, while having fun. Karens is unlike other schools, where the experience is dull and monotonous, Karen and Bill, made me a better driver in every aspect. Also I find that I was able to get my license quicker and easier than all my friends who choose a different school. I strongly recommennded all aspiring driving in NO. Berkshire County to go to Karen’s Driving School
— Jake B.