Do I need my permit in order to take Driver’s Ed. classroom?
— No, you do not need a driving permit to take Driver’s Ed. However you must be at least 15 years and 9 months old.
Can I do my behind the wheel driving at the same time I am doing classroom?
— Yes, as long as your parent has already attended the parent class and you do not have classroom classes and driving lessons on the same day.
Can I just rent your car for a road test?
— No, we will sponsor you for a road test as long as we can assess your driving ability prior to the test. The cost is $110.00. This answer applies to adult students.
Can I register for a class over the phone or on-line or in person?
— We do not register students over the phone, on-line or in person. You can mail your application or drop it through our mail slot at the driving school. Our address is 7 Park Street, Adams.
How will I know I got into the class I registered for?
— You will get a packet in the mail no later than a week before the class starts.
What if I have other questions?
— Most questions are covered at the parent classes but if you will not be attending a parent class and have questions please call 743-9972 and leave your name, number, brief message and we will return your call within 24 hours.
When I enroll in a classroom session am I required to pass a final exam and if so should I be concerned about taking a classroom session that extends over a month?
— No, you shouldn’t be concerned. You have an open-notebook final exam so as long as you take good notes you shouldn’t have trouble passing the exam. We have a 99% pass rate for students taking our classroom final exam for the first time. You will also leave the session with a notebook full of notes, which will help you to prepare for your permit test.

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